AK BRANDING has been in business for quite a long time now. We are committed to listening to you and engaging with you in a realistic way to determine your wants and needs and how best to accomplish bringing your dreams to life. Over the years, AK BRANDING has developed a working procedure to ensure we are all on the same page in our work together. No surprises. Changes and inspirations and “ah ha” moments, prior to your final approval, are an integral part of our “process” together.

All Website, Design & Design Department Packages have a 1 time initial down payment & a month-to-month Payment Plan for developing, hosting and maintenance. Website, Design & Design Department Packages designed by AK BRANDING REQUIRE a 12-month installment payment commitment and continue from that 12-month point into the future with the initial monthly reoccurring payment. The designs remain the property of AK BRANDING. No AK BRANDING website may be copied in its entirety and hosted elsewhere. Copying our designs is an infringement. Clients are encouraged to continue with AK BRANDING hosting and maintenance with continued monthly reoccurring payment, but can turn off websites when the 12-month payment point is completed. Website design & development at time of business completion will remain with AK BRANDING. Websites will be taken down from the internet when the monthly payments are stopped. There will be a market price determined at the time of request to buy your domain name and domain email address from AK BRANDING if AK BRANDING owns the domain name and email addresses. The time it takes to transfer the domain name to the new owner will be charged at AK BRANDING’S hourly fee. All AK BRANDING BRAND Designs & Website Designs will be attributed to on client websites in the footer of the website whether hosted & developed by AK BRANDING or hosted or developed (or both) by another website company.

BRAND Design, REBRAND Design & Print Design projects will be owned by AK BRANDING until paid for in full. AK BRANDING owns intellectual native, layered files and individual assests of all print design and client pays only for the compressed print ready file sent to the printer. No layered, native files will be sent to printers or client. Client only pays for the compressed design project at hand. Printing costs are additional for AK BRANDING print pieces. Client is responsible for getting AK BRANDING information for their marketing pieces in a timely manner to complete the product. Client’s receive the printed piece they have paid for, but the native file-layered version is AK BRANDING’S Intellectual Property.

Client agrees to approval of project before going to the printer to be printed. If there are changes after approval the client will pay for the time and any printer expenses to make those changes.

All package plans are billed automatically. If the client does not pay within 5 days from receiving their invoice, there will be a 20% late fee added to their payment. When paying the invoice the customer is agreeing to these terms.

All payments (including final payment) for BRAND/REBRAND, Design & Website projects will be paid on dates specificed in agreement and final payment will be paid in full when project design is completed and presented to client. It can not be delayed because client decides to hold off on printing or client gets busy with other projects.

There will be no REFUNDS.

 *by the customer




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