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REBRAND – Collaborated & worked with an Eddie Bauer team, which included buyers and executives. Over a time period of many years working with Eddie Bauer – established the Eddie Bauer northwest brand custom green and earthy recycled paper stock brand look and carried it throughout all marketing pieces. Designed print media, magazine ads, catalog covers, product hangtags, business cards, large format window signage and small format signage and an expansive amount of product packaging (boxes) to execute the new Eddie Bauer Rebrand for the stores.

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BrandAPEX Salon Spa & Marketing is an AK BRANDING Subsidiary Company. AK BRANDING designed and created the APEX brand and all brand print design salon spa marketing packages, individual print design pieces & the online store website.

AK BRANDING will continue to be responsible for all APEX designs going forward.

Rebrand – Designed all Green Horse Solutions’ print pieces such as image brochure, business cards, letterhead, envelope, presentation folder and website.

BrandAK BRANDING designed all print media designs: presentation folder, image brochure, business cards, flyers and designed and developed the website.

WILLOW CREEK MANOR PREMIER PROPERTIES is a new property development.

All AK BRANDING BRANDS & REBRANDS are also expanded upon in the design aspect by AK BRANDING throughout the print media, website, trade show print pieces, signage, app, brand gear, website and other brand pieces required for each client’s business.


Brand – Designed all BBS Notary Services brand pieces such as their uniquely sized tri-fold image brochure, presentation folder, business cards, letterhead, envelope, trade show ads, trade show table cover, large format retractable banners, internet ads, promotional pens, mouse pads, trade show bags and website. Managed all trade show brand requirements.


REBRAND – Created Pioneer Roasting Company’s NEW ReBrand to be Altitude 1900′ Pioneer Roasting Co. ReBranded an expansive amount of product packaging (boxes & bags) to execute the new Altitude 1900′ Pioneer Roasting Co. Rebrand, such as coffee roast packaging, 5 lb roast bags, new k-kup ReBrand design, box ReBrand, promotional post card design, large metal ReBrand wall sign design, roast bag sticker design, large ReBrand stickers, social media manager, photography, ReBrand promo gear, mobile ordering for pick-up app integrated with Square POS & their online store website.

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“MONTANA MARBLED MEATS” new BRAND design & Brand Mark design. Website design & development, app, brochure, signage & corporate identity design.


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REBRAND & BRAND MARK – design expansion is happening currently as the CIRCUIT OF THE NORTHWEST race track is being built.

AK BRANDING loves to be a partner to new visions, helping the client establish a new brand, website or any marketing requirements necessary during the process of developing their new endeavor.

Give us a call if you have a new business or product, as we would love to explore what is necessary for your brand to grow and be established.

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Our mission is to brand your company in the best way possible.

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We would love to brand your company!


Our mission is to brand your company in the best way possible. Give us a call and we would love to answer any questions you might have about how to move forward with your new company brand.

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